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To be charged to innovate is to pioneer ideas

and to be committed to the freedom that innovation brings.

Mecalc aims to be at the forefront of innovation while consistently delivering the highest quality at all levels, with unwavering dedication.

We are committed to fighting for the best results while harmonizing as a team to keep our vision alive.



For the joy of creating something truly great.

Mecalc around the world

Mecalc is a highly specialised engineering design house which enjoys pushing innovation ahead of the game.

Driven to position ourselves at the forefront of new developments and thinking, we research, design, develop and manufacture advanced acquisition and control systems. Used to optimise noise, vibration and structural integrity in prototype or quality control testing, our PAK MKII and QuantusSeries hardware are crucial to markets where exceptional development and production quality are essential.

CHARGED TO INNOVATE, we're inspired to create products for those who are as passionate about
creating theirs.